A Brief Guide For Travel To Bentota

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Bentota is a popular beach destination that lies in the southwest coast of Srilanka. Enjoy the views of beautiful Bentota lagoon and the Buddhist shrines. Relish the charm of lovely beaches. Tourists love Bentota for its calm and serene beaches as well as tall palm trees. It's also the favorite getaway for the residents of Colombo. View the exotic coral reefs and marine life in Bentota. You'll fall in love with the beautiful attractions of the city.

Best time to Visit
Peak seasons when tourists visit Bentota is from October to April. You can enjoy long day sightseeing tours during these months. Feel the joy of the island of Bentota.

Amazing places of interest
Take a walk on the beautiful Ventura Beach. Feel the cool breezes of the sea as you stroll around. Visit the house museum of the Brief Garden. Learn about the history of Bentota through various artifacts. Its a beautiful park in Kirantidiya. Enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful Bentota Lake, the beautiful lake in the heart of Bentota. Enjoy boating in the Dedduwa Lake. View the beautiful flowers and plants in the Geoffrey Bawa gardens. Enjoy fantastic beach activities on Moragalla Beach. Find your best place of interest and enjoy the lovely city of Bentota.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Enjoy the traditional local cuisines of Bentota, like Polos ( jackfruit curry), Wambatu moju (brinjals pickle), Kiribath with lunu Miris(rice and curry), and Pol Sambol (coconut dish). Fall in love with the delicious cuisines of Bentota.

Best areas to stay
The popular area where you can stay in Bentota is the City center area. You will be close to the attractions of the city and can also relish the charm of delightful restaurants near the area.

Where to shop
Buy some souvenirs from Bentota like the Sri Lankan handicrafts and Jewelry. Enjoy shopping in the local markets like Bentota Bazaar and Nebula Supermarket. Have fun while shopping in Bentota.

Major sightseeing
Enjoy the water sports activities in the Sky Club Paramotoring. Offer prayers to God in the Buddhist temple of the Galapatha Rajamaha Viharaya. Take a walk on the famous Kaluwamodara Bridge, and enjoy the majestic views of the island from there. Enjoy the cafes and restaurants in the Seven Rich Beach Resort. Bentota awaits you!