A Brief Guide For Your Travel To Bordeaux

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The best wine-growing region of France, Bordeaux is a well-known tourist destination that lies in the Southwestern part of France. This beautiful city is visited by a large number of tourists every year due to the reason that it is very popular for its notable art museums, Public gardens, 19th-century mansions, and Gothic styled Cathédrals. You'll see the charm of the place once you visit the beautiful city. Have fun around Bordeaux!

Best time to Visit
You can visit Bordeaux during the time of May to November. It's an ideal time when weather is suitable for walking in Vineyards and enjoying the beautiful sightseeing. If you wish for seeing the grape harvesting, then you should visit Bordeaux in September.

Amazing places of interest
There are several amazing places of interest in Bordeaux. You can visit the Place de la Bourse. It's an iconic city square dates back to the 18th century. You can click beautiful pictures in front of the fountain and a pool which is nearby the square. In the evenings, you can enjoy the operas, dance, music performances in the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. Enjoy the views of the spectacular Girondins Monument. There is also a wonderful fountain near it. Learn about the history of wines in the City of Wine Museum. Fall in love with the roman style stone architecture of Porte de Bourgogne. Marvel at the spectacular architecture of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora. It's a beautiful catholic church with the carved stonework decoration.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Try the authentic local cuisines of Bordeaux like Foie Gras(duck dish), Magret de Canard(grilled steak), Croque Madame(fried ham and cheese),
Sausage and cheese picnic. Fall in love with the delicious cuisines and its charm. Have happy dining time in Bordeaux!

Best areas to stay
Most popular areas of staying in Bordeaux are - Bordeaux Center, where you can explore wine region, Chartrons area -lovely neighborhood where you will get to love with the French locals, and Gare Saint-Jean area, which is close to the city center. These are the areas which are most preferred by the tourists for staying in Bordeaux.

Where to shop
Buy popular french souvenirs from the famous markets like Marche des Grands Hommes, Marche des Capucins, Marche de Thouars flea market. You can buy wine, chocolates, Cave Arts paintings, and sculptures from here.

Major sightseeing
Offer prayers to God in the Bordeaux Cathedral. Enjoy the views of Le Miroir d'eau, reflecting pool and palace. Click pictures in front of Puerta de Cailhau. it has a castle-like the exterior and the main gate of the city is spectacular and beautiful. Take a walk in the popular area of Parliament Square, and view the sightseeing of the city. Marvel at the beautiful 18th Century Bell, that is in the center of the city, named as The Grosse Cloche. Visit the museum of Musée d'Aquitaine. View the collection of arts and amazing artifacts in the museum. With so many amazing places of attraction, Bordeaux is a wonderful city where you can relish the charm of several attractions. So get ready for an exciting trip to Bordeaux!