A Brief Guide For Your Travel To The City Of Malmo

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The coastal city in Southern Sweden, Malmo is a popular tourist attraction known for its stunning bridges, beautiful city center, and several other important attractions. Half-timbered houses and shops sell the local handicrafts that are really beautiful. You'll see here beautiful art exhibits and nature around you. Do visit the popular city of Malmo and embrace its charms with open arms.

Best time to visit
It's suitable to visit the islands during any month of the year as the climate is relatively suitable for traveling during any month of the year. Peak season when tourists arrive in Malmo is from June to August, in order to see the amazing phenomenon of the midnight sun.

Amazing places of interest
With so many popular attractions, Malmo has become a must visit city in Stockholm. You can enjoy the views of Øresund Bridge, that connects Sweden with Denmark. Its a popular tourist attraction in the city. Turning Torso tower block is another most visited attraction of the city. It's a neo-futurist residential skyscraper, that is used as a commercial building of Sweden. Visit the 16th century built Malmö Castle. It is one of the most beautiful fortress in the city. Find your amazing place of interest and enjoy the beautiful city.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Some of the delicious cuisines are served on the beautiful island of Malmo. Try the authentic local cuisines like the Pantelleria, Scanian beef, Chioggia beetroot, Yam Pak, Pla Thot Sam Rot and lots more! You can taste the flavors of almost all the Swedish Cuisines in Malmo. Have fun on your trip to Malmo!

Best areas to stay
Tourists love to stay in areas like the Möllan(multicultural neighborhood), Limhamn(charming and traditional streets), Västra Hamn(some of the great restaurants nearby). You can find a lot of hotels here which is are near the market areas. You can take a walk around and explore on your own. You'll find a variety of restaurants and street food options in the local markets.

where to shop
You can buy beautiful souvenirs like handicrafts and Jewelry from local areas. You can find all these things from famous markets like Love Street Vintage, Mani Vintage, Butik Fabrik and lots more. Find beautiful items from here at very reasonable prices. Pack an extra bag as you leave home for your adventurous trip to the Malmo.

Major sightseeing
Offer prayers to God in the gothic church of St. Peter's Church. Take a walk and feel relaxed in the oldest park in the city named as Kungsparken. Learn about the history and culture of the city of Malmo through the various artifacts that are displayed in the Malmo Museum. For seeing modern artworks of Malmo, you should visit the Moderna Museet Malmö. Enjoy a picnic in the Pildammsparken, an area full of beautiful gardens and ponds. Enjoy swimming and several beach activities at Ribersborg Beach. Plan for Malmo on your next vacation and take pleasure in its unique charms.