Essential Tips For A Visit To Athens

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Athens is a beautiful City known for its spectacular views and its historical importance. Being the capital city of Greece, it has got its unique charm. You'll fall in love with the majestic views of Athens. The city is an integral part of the cultural history of Greece, as it was the first seat of the dominant civilizations and ancient empires. Learn about the traditional culture and cuisines as you visit this beautiful city. Time to visit Athens!

Best time to Visit
You can visit the beautiful city during the time of March to May and from September to November. This is the ideal time to visit as you'll find the city less crowded and more bright during these months.

Amazing places of interest!
The most important place to visit in Athens is the Acropolis of Athens. It's an ancient Citadel that has several buildings of historical and architectural importance. Enjoy the views of the old place of worship in the Temple of Hephaestus. Don't forget to visit the temple and ruins of Parthenon. It is dedicated to the Goddess Athena. Philopappos Monument is an exciting place with ancient inscriptions on it. View several artifacts related to Greek history and ancient civilizations in the National Archaeological Museum. Enjoy in these fantastic places of interest and have fun in the ancient city of Greece.

What to eat? Hunger Bells!
You can try some delicious cuisines of Athens like Taramasalata(traditional Greek meal), Moussaka (baked lamb dish), Fresh fish, Honey & baklava,
kolokythokeftedes(Courgette balls) and lots more. These yummy greek foods would certainly awaken your tastes and hunger. Fall in love with the local cuisine. Satisfy your hunger bells with yummy food served in Athens.

Best areas to stay!!
Popular areas where tourists like to stay are Plaka, Makrianni, Koukaki, and Thission. These are the best areas to stay as you'll find several significant attractions nearby these places, including the Acropolis. Also, you'll find several hotels, restaurants, and nightlife in the city. Have a pleasant stay in Athens!

Where to shop?
Shopaholics can enjoy shopping in the famous markets of Athens like the Monastiraki Flea Market, The Mall Athens, The Andrianou Market, and The Mall Athens. You can buy popular greek souvenirs from here like Demitasse Cup Sets, Flokati Rug, Greek Coffee and more. Enjoy shopping in Athens.

Major sightseeing-
Visit the Ancient Agora of Athens, a culturally and historically important attraction of Athens. Offer prayers to God in the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Also, visit the well preserved historical place of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Art lovers can visit the Museum of Cycladic Art. Enjoy the views of Erechtheion, a symbolically important attraction in Athens. Take a walk among native and exotic plants in the National Garden, Athens. Roman Agora is another landmark of Athens. This city has a lot more to offer. Visit Athens on your next vacation and know why it is so popular!