Essential Tips For Traveling To Moscow

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Moscow is a beautiful city located in the western part of Russia. It's a popular city known among the tourists for beautiful cathedrals, elegant theatres, and fantastic museums. You can visit the Kremlin area and understand the cultural heritage of Moscow. You'll find a perfect blend of history and artistry in this magical city of Russia. Fall in love with the atmosphere and cuisines of Moscow.

Best time to Visit
It's best to visit Moscow from late spring season up to June when you'll find a lot of tourists flooded in Moscow. You can enjoy long hours of sightseeing during this time of the year. However, if you are a winter lover, you can visit Moscow during some other months as well.

Amazing places of interest
There a lot of amazing places in Moscow to discover. You can visit the popular Kremlin area. It's a beautiful architectural complex, where you'll find various monuments, Cathedrals, and museums full of Russian art and architecture. Click pictures in front of Red Square. Its a landmark square in front of Kremlin, and an iconic figure in the heart of Moscow. You can spend time in Lenin's Mausoleum area. It is also located in the Red Square area of the Kremlin. Enjoy ice skating events in the Gorky Park. Find your amazing place of interest and visit the best-suited destination for you.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Have fun while roaming around the markets of Moscow. Try the authentic local cuisines of Moscow like Pelmeni(Russian dumplings with melted butter), Borshch Moskovsky ( borscht), Blini(Pancakes), Kasha(buckwheat seasoned with butter), Shchi(cabbage soup), and more. Enjoy the yummy cuisines in Moscow and fall in love with the Russian Culture.

Best areas to stay
Some of the best places to stay in Russia are Kitay- Gorod( nearby the popular Kremlin area), Presnensky( a variety of restaurants and hotel options available to choose from), Tverskoy(at a walking distance of Moscow's landmarks), and Arbat area( Home to luxury shops, beautiful boutiques and stylish restaurants and Cafes). Have a happy stay in Moscow!

Where to shop
Enjoy shopping in the local markets of Moscow like Izmailovsky Market(best markets for buying souvenirs and crafts), Old Arbat market(enjoy the performing arts and outdoor Cafes), Central Market( a right place for enjoying yummy cuisines), and Dorogomilovsky Market(Huge variety of fruits, poultry, and fishes). Buy favorite Russian souvenirs for your homes like Artisan Jewelry, Zhostovo Trays and Russian dolls named as Matryoshka. Enjoy shopping in the beautiful market in Moscow.

Major sightseeing
Do visit the Armoury Chamber, where you'll find a fantastic collection of gold and silver and ancient weapons. Learn and understand Russian culture and history in the State Historical Museum of Moscow. Visit the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and offer prayers in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Click pictures in the open air museum of Kolomenskoye. Take a walk with your family in the Alexander Garden of Moscow. Watch wild animals like gorillas, Polar bear, and elephants in the Moscow Zoo. Enjoy the views from Poklonnaya Hill. Pack your bags and visit the beautiful city of Moscow.