Essential Tips For Your Visit To Bergen

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On the Southwestern coast of Norway, lies the beautiful city of Bergen. You'll find amazing fjords and beautiful landscapes here. The beautiful fjord of Sognefjord in Bergen is the longest and deepest in the country. The city is home to beautiful and colorful houses and the Fløyen Mountain, from where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Enjoy hiking trails and adventure activities on your way to the mountains. The popular northern lights above Bergen is a well-known phenomenon in Bergen. You can see for yourself! The city is also the home town of renowned composer Edvard Grieg. His house is transformed into a museum where people enjoy the views of several artifacts.

Best time to Visit
Best time to visit Bergen is from August to October when the temperatures are mild and you can enjoy a lot of beautiful attractions and long day sightseeing tours.

Amazing places of interest
You can visit the popular old town of Bryggen. Here, you'll enjoy the views of colorful houses of the city and have fun on the historic harbor of the town.
Adventure lovers can go to the Fløibanen mountains which have some amazing funicular and hiking paths. Learn about stockfish, grain traders artifacts in the popular Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene. You can understand the culture of Bergen through the artifacts that are showcased in the Bryggens Museum. It has a beautiful gift shop and cafe in the complex. Offer prayers to God in the St. Mary's Church. Find your amazing place of interest and enjoy the majestic views of the city.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Enjoy the delicious cuisines like Brown cheese, Tube caviar, Norwegian waffles, Lutefisk, Potato lefse and more! These are authentic local cuisines of the city. This will awaken your senses for sure and will make you miss Bergen even more!

Best areas to stay
Most popular areas of staying Bergen are - the Sentrum area (The city Centre), Fjellsiden area (house and hotels on the hill), Sandviken ( for enjoying beautiful sunset views) and Solheimsviken area. It has easy walking distance from the center. Have a happy stay in Bergen!

Where to shop
Popular markets from where you can buy souvenirs are Gamle Strandgaten, (Gågaten), Torgallmenningen, Hollendergaten, and Marken. Have fun while shopping in Bergen!

Major sightseeing
Visit the area of Ulriken. There is tramway in the mountains and some beautiful restaurants where you can click a lot of pictures and enjoy the sightseeing of the place. Visit the popular museum of Troldhaugen. It showcases the work of Edvard Grieg's life, and also his work exhibits. Offer prayers to God in the ornate wooden church of Fantoft Stave Church. Adventure lovers can go for hiking, mountains, running in the Storfjellet mountains. Visit the concert hall and the church of Lysøen. Enjoy the amazing sightseeing of the city and have a lot of fun here!