Essential tips For Your Travel to Zürich

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Zurich is a beautiful city in the northern part of Switzerland. Its a popular tourist destination is known for beautiful lakes, picturesque old town, and historical art and monuments. Tourist love to visit this destination because of beautiful attractions, Lake Limmat, and learning about rich cultural history and heritage of Switzerland. Fall in love with the wonderful city.

Best time to Visit
Peak season when tourists are flooded in Zurich is from June to August, the summer months of Switzerland. You can enjoy the climate of Zurich during this time.

Amazing places of interest
Enjoy boating and swimming in the popular Lake Zurich. Enjoy the beautiful mountain views and scenic beauties of the city as you ride along the boat. Visit the 12th Century landmark Grossmünster. Click pictures here. Offer prayers in the Fraumünster Church. Marvel at the beautiful architecture of the Church. Visit the main street of Bahnhofstrasse and enjoy shopping there. Unveil the Swiss history and culture in the Swiss National Museum. Enjoy the views of the beautiful St. Peter Church. Find your amazing places of Interest in the city and have fun around the city.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Enjoy the authentic local cuisines of Zurich like Zurich Geschnetzeltes(creamy mushrooms and white wine sauce), Swiss Fondue, Raclette(cheese and boiled potatoes), and the popular Swiss Breakfast. Enjoy the tastes of yummy cuisines and fall in love with the Swiss culture.

Best areas to stay
You can best stay in the areas near Lake Zurich and train station of Zurich. You'll be minutes away from popular attractions and also from the bustling markets of Zurich. Find the best place to stay in Zurich.

Where to shop
You can enjoy shopping in the popular Bahnhofstrasse street. You can find beautiful boutiques, jewelry, and watches here at very affordable prices. Also, visit the markets like Niederdorf(best for night time shopping) and Old Town(you can purchase beautiful clothes from here). Pack an extra bag while you visit Zurich. Have fun while shopping in Zurich!

Major sightseeing
Climb the Lindenhof hill and enjoy the views of the public square of Zurich. Enjoy the marvelous architecture of Zürich Opera House. It's also the house of Bernhard-Theater Zürich. Nature lovers can enjoy the Zürich Wilderness Park. watch the scenic forest and animal park. It's a great place to visit with your kids. Take a walk in the Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich, and relax on the cold grass of the garden. Have fun while shopping in the nearby areas of Limmatquai river. Pack your bags and set on a trip to Zurich.