Falling In Love With The Beautiful Cameron Highlands

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Lush greenery, fruit gardens, and fantastic sunset views, Cameron Highlands, has it all. You'll find amazing views and a lot of exciting activities to do in Cameron Highlands. Mingle with the local Malaysian people, and enjoy hiking in the beautiful trails. Fall in love with the local scenery. Cameron Highlands is a heaven for nature lovers. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventurous ride to Cameron!

Best time to Visit
Peak season when maximum tourists visit Cameron Highlands are December to February. However, if you are a rain lover, you can visit Cameron Highlands during any time of the year, as the climate is suitable for traveling even during the time of monsoons.

Amazing places of interest
You can visit the beautiful Time tunnel museum, and enjoy the views of fascinating artifacts. Do visit Cameron Highland Butterfly Farm, where butterfly, reptiles, and amphibians are featured in a small farm. You can enjoy tea in the local cafe near the farm. You can also visit Cactus Valley, enjoy various plants, flowers and cactus. Its a surprisingly huge place to visit. Have fun in nature!

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Try the yummy cuisines of Cameron Highlands. Enjoy the taste of Strawberry cottage cheesecake, which is freshly prepared there, as there are several Strawberry farms there. Try spicy chicken broth, mushroom soup, as well as fresh seafood. Fall in love with the yummy cuisines of Cameron Highlands. Feel the magic of these beautiful Highlands as you sit in the lap of nature.

Best areas to stay
You can stay in the areas of Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Both are the areas where you can find comfortable accommodation and will also be near the town area. Feel relaxed in the arms of nature as greenery and beautiful gardens will surround you.

Where to shop
Shopaholics can find heaven in the beautiful markets of Cameron Highlands. Buy souvenirs from Cameron for your gardens like hibiscus, fruits, and roses plants. You can explore Brinchang Weekend Night Market and purchase things at affordable prices.

Major sightseeing
Enjoy visiting the beautiful places like Healthy Strawberry Farm in Brinchang. You can buy pretty hibiscus plants from here. Enjoy clicking pictures with the Robinson Falls. Experience nature and have fun while trekking in the Mossy Forest. Smell the beautiful roses in the Rose Valley. Visit the Boh Tea Estate, and enjoy the views of tea plantations. Relish the joy, smell, and taste of beautiful fruit garden. Visit these beautiful highlands for ultimate adventure and fun!