How to Get Around The Amazing Rome

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The capital city of Italy, Rome is a trendy tourist destination known for its art, architecture, culture, and fashion. Explore the beautiful Colosseum(one of the seven wonders of the earth), and such other beautiful attractions of the city. Fall in love with the famous Italian culture and cuisines. Do visit Rome for a wonderful Experience!

Best time to Visit
The peak season when people visit Rome is in the Summer season. However, if you are looking for a less crowded time, then the best time to Visit Rome is between September to April. You can travel all around the city comfortably as the temperatures are suitable and the weather is nice.

Amazing places of interest
Rome has a lot of beautiful attractions to offer to tourists, which is why its a popular tourist destination. Visit the Colosseum-a beautiful amphitheater and the largest one ever built. People from worldwide come to visit this destination because it is one of the seven wonders of the world. Offer prayers to God in the world's largest basilica- St. Peter's Basilica. Its a beautiful church in the Vatican city, which is near Rome. Click pictures of the beautiful Trevi Fountain, where you can spend time with your families and click photos of them. Find your best place of interest and enjoy the beautiful attractions of Rome.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
The authentic local cuisines of Rome are Cacio e Pepe(romano cheese and black pepper spaghetti), Carbonara(Italian cuisine), Pasta Alla Gricia(White sauce pasta), Supplì(stuffed with mozzarella cheese), and the most popular- Roman-style pizza. Satisfy your taste buds with the authentic Italian cuisine in Italy. Dine in the finest restaurants in Italy.

Best areas to stay
Night lovers can enjoy staying in the area of Trastevere. It's a funky bohemian area where you can find several plazas and pubs in the area. Here you can hang out with your buddies in the local cafes. If you are going for a honeymoon, you can choose to stay in the romantic area of the Aventine Hill. Enjoy the fantastic views of the city from here. Foodies will love the area of Testaccio, because of a wide variety of restaurants and cafes nearby. Find your interest and choose the best area of Rome for a beautiful stay.

Where to shop
Shopaholics can find their heaven in the local markets like Via Dei Condotti, where you'll find the stores of world famous brands like Gucci and Dolce. You can buy beautiful and highly fashionable dresses from the famous shopping street of Via Del Corso. You can also visit the local Italian market of Via Cola Di Rienzo. You can enjoy shopping here at the best affordable prices. Have fun while shopping in Rome!

Major sightseeing
Do visit the historical tomb and Roman church- Pantheon. Cherish the views of Rennaissance art and sculptures in the Vatican Museum of the Vatican City. Take a walk in the Piazza Navona and dine here in the best cafes of Rome. Don't miss to see the Sistine Chapel, which is famous because of the beautiful iconic Michelangelo's painting on the rooftop of the chapel. Take a walk on the stairway of Spanish Steps, which is a great meeting point of Rome. Learn some facts about ancient Roman culture through the ruins of Palatine Hill. With so many attractions, you'll fall in love with the beautiful city of Rome once you visit here!