Relish The Charm Of Beautiful City Of Prague

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The capital city of Czech Republic, Prague is a beautiful tourist destination known for its amazing bridges, Castles, Cathedrals and lot many attractions. It's one of the most popular cities in Europe and is visited by a large number of tourists every year. You'll find here the colorful baroque buildings, a medieval Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge, which constitute as the major attractions of the city. Prague is also known for its excellent beer, which the Czechs claim to be the best in the world. Do you agree? Travel to the fascinating city of Prague for discovering it yourself.

Best time to Visit
You can visit Prague during the time of late spring or early fall, that is May or September. It's an ideal time for enjoying the beautiful sightseeing of the city. This is the peak season when tourists arrive in the city.

Amazing places of interest!
There are several amazing places of interest in Prague. You can visit the
Charles Bridge. It's the iconic 14th Century structure from where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the city. Offer prayers to God in the St. Vitus Cathedral. It's also the home to National treasures of the city. Marvel at the 600-year-old mechanical clock of Prague Astronomical Clock. It is one of the important landmarks of the city. Visit the Old Town Square, where you can view several Gothic styled buildings. Find your fantastic place of interest and have fun around the beauty of Prague.

What to eat? Hunger Bells!
Try the authentic local cuisines of Prague like Fruit dumplings, Roast duck, Fried cheese, Pork knuckle, Becherovka and Czech sausages. Fall in love with the delicious cuisines and its charm. Have a happy dining time in Prague!

Best areas to stay!!
Most popular areas of staying in Prague are - Old Town area(a right place where you can find medieval architecture, restaurants, galleries, and cafes), Little Quarter area (known for beautiful beautiful historic buildings, embassies, shops and hotels), and New Town(known for Vibrant nightlife, clubs and shops). These are the areas which are most preferred by the tourists for staying in Prague.

Where to shop?
Buy popular Czech souvenirs from the famous markets like Manifesto Market, Sapa market(in the little Hanoi area), and Holešovice Market.
You can buy Czech glassware, crystal jewelry, Czech decor items, and Czech spa wafers from here. These are popular souvenirs that tourists purchase from here.

Major sightseeing-
Among the notable attractions comes Prague Castle. It dates back to the 9th Century. It's a Roman styled Gothic architecture building. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the hillside area from the Malá Strana town. Marvel at the fantastic architecture of Dancing House, a curved structure that is built in a unique style. Vyšehrad is another fortified medieval Castle that is visited by a significant number of tourists. Enjoy the views of the baroque structured Strahov Monastery. There are a lot more attractions which would hook you up to the beautiful city. Do give Prague a visit on your next vacation!