Secrets Of The Fascinating City Of Baku

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The capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku is a beautiful and well-known tourist destination in Europe. It has a long coastline alongside of the Caspian Sea. Tourists love to visit this place due to its old city, Palaces, Royal complexes, Contemporary landmarks, pointed skyscrapers, LED Screens and a lot more beautiful things. The city has a lively atmosphere where you can relax and feel comfortable. Discover the charm of Baku as you visit this amazing city.

Best time to Visit
Peak seasons when tourists visit Baku are early September to December.
when you can enjoy a lot of sightseeing activities. Year-round, you can visit Baku and enjoy its attractions, as temperatures are usually mild and so it's suitable for a long day sightseeing.

Amazing places of interest
There are a lot of beautiful attractions that Baku holds. One of the beautiful places you can visit is the Maiden Tower. It's a 12th-century tower and an important landmark in the history Azerbaijan. It also has a museum where you can see different artifacts. Take a walk in the historic city center of Old City. It features thousands of fortifications, iconic towers, and ornate palaces. Do you have a thrill for mysteries? Visit the popular place of Yanar Dag, where a natural fire has been blazing nonstop since years. Offer prayers to God in the Hindu and Zorashtrian temple complex of Ateshgah of Baku. So many amazing attractions will make you fall in love with Baku for sure! Find your best place of interest and have fun in the beautiful city of Baku.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Enjoy the authentic local cuisines of Baku like Dolmarice (rice mixed with minced lamb), Lavangi(chicken stuffed with walnuts), Piti(mutton soup with vegetables), Pakhlava(flavorsome pastry), Azerbaijani Sherbet(refreshing drink) and lots more! Several restaurants in Baku serve the worldwide favorite cuisines as well. Enjoy the cuisines of Azerbaijan, here in Baku!

Best areas to stay
For a good experience, you can stay in the Fountain Square area of Baku. You'll be near to several parks, monuments, and markets of the city, as this is the central location of Baku. You can also stay in the city center area of Baku, from where you can reach various shopping malls and famous monuments. These are the two main areas which are preferred by most of the tourists while on their trip to Baku. Have fun while staying in Baku!

Where to shop
To buy the souvenirs from Baku, visit the popular markets like Taza Bazaar(you can buy a variety of aromatic spices here), Yasil Bazar(also known as the green market), The Russian Flea Market(where you can buy great clothes and electronics), The Icheri Sheher Markets(the old town market) and more. Buy some souvenirs from here for your home, like fridge magnets, keychains, and Soviet memorabilia. Have fun while shopping in Baku!

Major sightseeing
Among some major attractions of the city comes the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. It's a historic complex with a museum inside it, where you can learn about the culture and history of the city. It has an excellent collection of artifacts and relic displays. You can view the beautiful Flame Towers, which are important landmarks of the city. Marvel at the beauty of different types of Carpets and their origin in the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum. Spend time with your family in the popular Cafes and shops of Fountains Square, Baku. Shopaholics can find happiness in the Nizami Street of Baku, where you can purchase a wide variety of Azerbaijan souvenirs. Besides these, some other major attractions of the city are Baku Museum of Miniature Books, Nizami Museum of Azerbaijani Literature, Bay of Baku, Azerbaijan National Art Museum and lots more! So many attractions would surely get you hooked up to Baku. Do visit the beautiful city and fall in love with its culture.