Surf Along The Beautiful Andaman Islands

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Andaman islands is a beautiful tourist destination and lie in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Subcontinent. It comprises of more than 500 islands. The capital city is Port Blair which offers a variety of tourist attractions. Fabulous beaches where people visit are the Radha Nagar Beach and Ross Island. You can also enjoy the beautiful limestone formations and caves that have been naturally formed by the volcanoes. Have fun as you take a walk on the beaches of the island and feel the cool breezes of the city.

Best time to visit
It's suitable to visit the islands during any month of the year as the climate is relatively suitable for traveling during any month of the year. Peak season when tourists visit the Andamans is from October to May.

Amazing places of Interest
The Andaman Islands offer a lot of beautiful attractions for the tourists which is why it is so beloved! The major attractions are limestone caves, Samudrika naval marine museum, and Ross Island. You can also visit the stunning Havelock Islands. Enjoy the views of the famous Radhanagar Beach and the Elephant beach. You'll find a different variety of birds and watch them as they fly across the stunning island. There are a lot of diving sites around the area. These exotic islands will leave you awe-inspired once you visit here.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Some of the delicious cuisines are served on the Andaman Islands. Try the authentic local cuisines like the Fish Curry, Chilli Curry(filled with onions, tomatoes, and lovely spices), Macher Jhol, Prawns and various tandoori dishes. You can taste the flavors of almost all the Indian Cuisines in The Andamans. Have fun on your Andaman Trip.

Best areas to stay
You can stay in the capital city of Port Blair. Tourists love to stay in areas like the Aberdeen Bazaar, Goal Ghar, Phoenix Bay, and Middle Point. You can find a lot of hotels here which is are near the market areas. You can take a walk around and explore on your own. You'll find a variety of restaurants and street food options in the local markets.

Where to shop
You can buy beautiful souvenirs like handicrafts, Jewelry, shell based products, and coconut carved art pieces. You can find all these things from famous markets like Aberdeen Bazaar, Delanipur market, and Junglighat market. Find beautiful items from here at very reasonable prices. Pack an extra bag as you leave home for your adventurous trip to the Andaman.

Major sightseeing
Nature lovers can visit the Mahatma Gandhi marine national park. You'll find exotic coral reefs and fascinating marine life on this protected island. Tourists also visit the cellular jail of the Andamans. A light and sound show goes there which tells about the saga of Indian Freedom fighters. Enjoy walking on the serene beach of the Bharatpur, and also visit the turtle sanctuary on Neil Island. On the Baratang Island, you'll find the mangroves, limestone caves, and the mud volcanoes. Nicobar islands are known for beautiful wildlife, calm doves and serene environment. It's also the favorite destination of the Honeymooners. Little Andaman is famous for surfing and a lot of beach activities. Middle Andaman is renowned for its deep forests and exquisite beaches. There are a lot of sightseeing options in this beautiful archipelago. Have fun on your visit to the Andaman Islands.