Surf Along The Coast Of Phi Phi Islands

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Phi Phi islands are a group of islands in the Krabi province of Thailand. Its a popular tourist destination in Thailand known for its stunning beaches, amazing rock formations, turquoise waters, and colorful marine life. The main islands where tourists visit and stay are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le islands. Enjoy the tropical beaches of the wonderful island.

Best time to visit
The perfect time to visit Phi Phi is from November to May. You'll find fantastic weather and atmosphere during this time of the year. This is also the peak time when tourists are flooded in the Phi Phi Islands.

Amazing places of Interest
Visit the island of Ko Phi Phi Le, where you can see beautiful coral reefs and enjoy the sightseeing of the amazing island. You can try snorkeling and enjoy swimming on Bamboo Island. If you have a thrill for rock climbing, visit the Ton Sai Beach. Fall in love with the tranquil beach and its nature. Enjoy the views of wall paintings in the Viking Cave. You can see the bird's nests over there as well. Go on a ferry ride from the Ao Tonsai Pier. Find your fantastic place of interest and have fun around the Phi Phi Islands.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
When you are in Phi Phi, you can get a lot of seafood to eat! Must try some of the authentic local cuisines of the island, like Khao Mok Gai (roasted chicken and Saffron rice), Kuay Tiew(noodle soup), Tom Yam Gung(delicious shrimp soup), and more! Have fun while dining in Phi Phi Island.

Best areas to stay
Some of the best areas where you can stay are Laem Thong( You can stay on the beach, and enjoy several water sports activities.), Long Beach(enjoy shopping, dining, and nightlife entertainment), and Phi Phi East Coast(great place for nature lovers). Find your best area of stay and enjoy your time in the Phi Phi islands.

Where to shop
You can buy popular Thai souvenirs from the local markets like Phi Phi Market(great place for purchasing fruits and having street food), Nam lily boutique(you can buy vintage dresses from here), and Tonsai East Shopping Alleyway (right place for accessories and items of clothing). Have fun while shopping in Phi Phi.

Major sightseeing
Nui beach is a popular attraction in Phi Phi known for its shallow bay, that is good for snorkeling and swimming. You can visit the mountain cave of Wang Long Bay. Enjoy the famous sightseeing of Baie de Lo Sama. Have fun on the boat tours. Visit the cute Monkey Beach. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the island. Feel the charm of the island, exotic coral reefs and incredible sightseeing that will make your vacation fantastic. So get ready for a fantastic holiday.