The Charming City Of Bishkek

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The beautiful city of Bishkek is a well-known tourist destination around the world. It is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. Surrounded by tall glaciers and lush greenery, that city attracts about a million of tourists. Bishkek's art sceneries, art galleries, and Opera and Ballet Theaters are some of the famous landmarks of the city. Visit this city, and you'll find yourself in the middle of incredible sightseeing all around you. Feel the unique charm of the town. Fall in love with its culture and cuisines. Visit Bishkek and discover its unique attractions and love.

Best time to Visit
Peak seasons when Bishkek is flooded with the tourists are spring and autumn season. Summers are usually hot, but still, the city becomes crowded with tourists due to hiking and mountainous activities. Enjoy your fantastic visit to Bishkek.

Amazing places of interest
Visit the famous monument of culture and history in Ala-Too Square. Its the central square in Bishkek. You can enjoy the beautiful weather in the city here. Enjoy the visit to the 9th-century mystical minaret of Burana Tower. There is an open air museum that displays several historical exhibits. Learn about the history of the city through these beautiful artifacts. Visit the fascinating Osh Bazaar. Its the biggest market of clothes and yummy street food in Bishkek. You can find a lot of amazing and unusual places here that would surely steal your heart away. Have fun around the beautiful city of Bishkek.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Enjoy the favorite Kyrgyz cuisines of Bishkek like the shashlik(marinated and grilled meat steak), Shorpo(meat soup), Kuurdak(brown meat), Samsa(vegetable and pumpkin stuffed bread), Manti(steamed dumplings and ground meat) and lots more! Fall in love with the yummy cuisines of Bishkek and experience the taste of authentic Kyrgyz Cuisine.

Best areas to stay
While in Bishkek, you can find some very good to stay and feel the essence of the city. Tourists prefer these areas for staying in Bishkek - the city center area(best cafes and restaurants nearby), Chuy Avenue area and Yusup Abdrahmanov Street area. You can enjoy the nightlife and beautiful attractions of the city which are located near these areas. Find your best place and live among the locals of Bishkek.

Where to shop
Enjoy shopping in the local markets of Bishkek like Dordoy Bazaar, Osh Bazaar, and Bishkek Park(shopping mall ). Buy some popular Kyrgyz souvenirs like Local Krygz clothing, Native spices, Native oils, Kyrgyz jewelry, Handmade Pottery, etc. Enjoy shopping in the city of Bishkek.

Major sightseeing
Enjoy the day trip to Ala Archa National Park. It's a famed adventure destination of Kyrgyzstan, and a good a place for hiking and mountaineering. You'll be surrounded by waterfalls, glaciers and beautiful forests around you. A famous amphitheater of the city- Ala-Too is also a popular landmark of the city of Bishkek. Enjoy a series of amazing rides and click pictures near the fountain in Panfilov Park. Do visit the National Museum of Fine Arts named after Gapar Aitiev, and learn about beautiful Russian and Kyrgyz art. The central public square, known as the Victory Square, Bishkek is also a popular place in the city where you can spend time with your family. Take a walk in the beautiful park of Karagachovaya Roshcha. It's filled with ponds, paths and forested areas. So many exciting sightseeing would definitely get you hooked up. Have fun around the fantastic city of Bishkek.