The Secrets Of Fascinating Kandy

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Kandy is a beautiful city in Sri Lanka known for beautiful tea plantations and deep rainforests. The Kandy lake is top-rated for strolling activities. You'll find several Buddhist shrines in Kandy, the most popular one being the Temple of the Tooth shrine. Tourists love Kandy because of its tea factories, cultural shows, botanical gardens, and spice gardens. It has got beautiful sightseeing and picturesque views.

Best time to Visit
You can visit Kandy from December to May(for west and south coast) and then in April (for the east coast). The weather is excellent during these times, and you'll find a lot of tourists roaming around in Kandy during these pleasant months.
Amazing places of interest
You can visit the sacred temple of the tooth, a 16th-century temple which is a holy Buddhist shrine. It's well known for the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Take a walk in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Enjoy the views of beautiful flowers and plants and the lush greenery around you. Click pictures of the beautiful orchid flowers there. Enjoy the scenic views of the Kandy Lake. Its a protected artificial lake located in the heart of Kandy. Find your fantastic place of interest and enjoy the views of this beautiful hill city.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
You can try a variety of Sri Lankan cuisines in Kandy. Have the delicious chicken wraps, Kebab sticks, Fish Ambul Thiyal (fish curry), Parippu (dal curry) and Hoppers ( appam). You will have enough on your plate to insatiate your hunger. Have fun dining in Kandy.
Best areas to stay
Tourists prefer to stay in the city center area in Kandy. You can find a variety of hotels nearby and enjoy a variety of street food in the local market area. You can go shopping in nearby areas, and all the major attractions of the city will be near to you.

Where to shop
You can buy the antique Jewelry, silver belts and various art and crafts materials from Kandy. You can find these beautiful items in the local markets like the Lasala emporium and the main market of Kandy. Have a happy shopping in Kandy!

Major sightseeing
Nature lovers can enjoy hiking in the Udawattakele Forest Reserve. You can also watch various species of wild animals there. Learn about the history of Kandy in the National Museum of Kandy. You can view many artifacts in the museum. Marvel at the elegant structure of Royal Palace of Kandy. In the evenings you can visit the Kandy City View Point. Watch the fantastic views of the city and fall in love with the beautiful nature. Adventure lovers can go hiking in the Hanthana Mountain Range. You can visit the Sigiriya area, and learn about the ancient city ruins. There is also a rock fortress nearby. So many attractions would steal your heart in Knady. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an exciting trip to Kandy.