Travel Tips For The Beautiful City Of Zagreb

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The Croatian Capital Zagreb is a beautiful and very fascinating tourist destination. It is also the largest city of Croatia. It has got majestic views and a wide variety of beautiful attractions. You'll find the amazing Astro-Hungarian architecture in the buildings of Zagreb. Fall in love with the beautiful city. Try some local cuisines of Croatia and learn about the history of Zagreb as you visit this city. Enjoy a happy time in Zagreb.

Best time to Visit
Best time to visit Zagreb is between April and November. In May and June temperatures are warmer, which is also liked by most of the people. Enjoy a great time in Zagreb.

Amazing places of interest
Zagreb is full of amazing attractions. Visit the beautiful and interesting Museum of Broken Relationships. It exhibits devoted to love affairs that could not succeed, and you can see several artifacts related to the theme. You'll be having an amazing time in this unusual museum for sure. Enjoy the visit to the 12th-century Neo-Gothic cathedral- Cathedral of Zagreb. Have fun in the Upper Town of Zagreb, from where you can see the majestic views of the city from a beautiful tower. Take a walk in Maksimir Park. It has got the views of a lake that is nearby. Also, there's a zoo which you can visit with your family. Adventure lovers can enjoy the views of Forested peak with a sports center in the Medvednica. Find your amazing place of interest and have fun in the city of Zagreb.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Try some delicious authentic cuisines of the city like the Sir I vrhnje, cottage cheese sour cream, Štrukli – dough filled with cottage cheese and sour cream, Cuspajz – meat and vegetable stew, Knedli – sweet potato dumplings and crtom – typical Croatian candy. Happy dining in this Croatian capital of Zagreb.

Best areas to stay
Popular areas which tourists prefer to stay in Zagreb are- of Glavni kolodvor(near the railway station of Zagreb), od Donji grad (nearby the market area) and Gornji grad(near to the major attractions of the city). Find your best area and have a happy stay in Zagreb.

Where to shop
Buy some popular Croatian souvenirs from the Zagreb flea market, Britannic flea market and Antique market of Zagreb. You can buy a wide variety of products here at very affordable prices.

Major sightseeing
Marvel at the wonderful architecture of St. Mark's Church. Then you can visit the Ban Josip Jelacic Square, the central square of Zagreb. Spend some time here with your loved ones and enjoy the views of the bustling markets. Visit the Lotršcak Tower. It's a beautiful tower where you can enjoy amazing views of the city. There is also a cannon in the nearby area. Mimara, museum of European art is another major sightseeing of Zagreb. For sports and leisure activities, visit the beautiful lake Jarun. Enjoy the wonderful city and its majestic views.