Travel Tips For Trip To Helsinki

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Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is a popular tourist destination known for fascinating walking trails, Cathedrals and Market Square. Enjoy the Finnish culture and cuisines as you arrive in this charming destination. Helsinki offers a variety of attractions for your whole family. Fall in love with a variety of Finnish cuisines. Understand the culture and history of Finland as you reach this beautiful city.

Best time to Visit
Peak seasons when tourists visit Helsinki are from December to March when you can enjoy a lot of Winter activities. Spring lovers can visit from April to May, and summer lovers can relish the charm of Helsinki in June. Year-round, you can visit Helsinki and enjoy its attractions.

Amazing places of interest
Helsinki offers a variety of attractions for the tourists. Do visit the 18th-century sea fortress of the Suomenlinna. Enjoy the walking trails cross the parkland. View the elegant architecture of the Helsinki Cathedral. Offer prayers to God in the Temppeliaukion Church, also known as the rock church as it is built of the solid rock structure. Enjoy the views of neoclassical buildings of Senate Square. Its a government Palace and university. Enjoy the abstract park monument of Sibelius Monument, where you can enjoy the sound of the wind as it passes the metal pipes. Find your best place of interest and enjoy the attractions of Helsinki.

What to eat? Hunger Bells
Enjoy the authentic local cuisines of Helsinki like Pea Soup, Runeberg Torte(Rum cakes), Baltic Herring(fish), Grilled Sausages and Pulla(soft cinnamon buns). Several restaurants in Helsinki serve the worldwide favorite cuisines as well. Enjoy the cuisines of Finland, here in Helsinki!

Best areas to stay
For a good experience, you can stay in the Kammpi area of Helsinki. You'll be near to several parks, monuments, and markets of the city, as this is the central location of Helsinki. You can also stay in the city center area of Helsinki, from where you can reach various shopping malls and famous monuments. These are the two main areas which are preferred by most of the tourists while on their trip to Helsinki. Have fun while staying in Helsinki!

Where to shop
To buy the souvenirs from Helsinki, visit the gift shop of Kankurin Tupa. You can purchase several items in the Frida marina mall, where you'll find a wide variety of goods at reasonable prices. Do visit the Old Market Hall, a beautiful historic market where you can find various cafes as well. Enjoy shopping while traveling to Helsinki.

Major sightseeing
History lovers can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, which is a contemporary art museum, as well as a theatre. Its a part of Finnish National Gallery. Enjoy the amusement park of Linnanmaki, where you can enjoy thrilling rides. You can view several artifacts in The National Museum of Finland. Enjoy the visit to the largest zoo of Finland- Helsinki Zoo. The island is accessible by the ferry boats. Have fun and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the neighborhood of Kamppi. Also, visit the Kamppi Chapel nearby. Excited yet? Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure trip to Helsinki.