is a service provider for booking of travel & tourism related services and is not the owner of any of the services which are booked either online or offline. Our liabilities and that of the Users and Service Owners are stated as below

  •, hereinafter called “Site”
  • Visitors of the website who engage in booking of services, hereinafter called “Users”
  • Hotels, Sightseeing Operators, Service Owners including Transport Owners, Cruise Owners, Boat Owners, Airline Operators etc hereinafter called “Service Owners”
Booking Engine

Whereas the Site provides access to the booking engine, based on proprietary software to the users to book services offered by Service Owners from Various Countries. The Site provides access on behalf of the Service owners and with their consent, uploads the product and pricing details in the Local currency of domicile of the service Owner(s). The accuracy of the details including prices lies with the Service Owners unless it is proven to be malfunction of the software.

Incase the Service Owners or the Users find any errors in the functioning of the booking engine be in terms of the accuracy of information or calculation of pricing, it is expected that they bring it to the notice of the site immediately.

Holiday Packages

The Site also displays, consolidated packages which are created by combination of several travel services and offering stay at several destinations. These Holiday Packages, so arrived at may be offered for special interest groups and/or for fixed departure dates or for individual travellers.

Accuracy of Content

The Site takes every feasible step to verify the authenticity and accuracy of information provided by the Service Owners, however due logistical reasons and due to lack of specialised knowledge, it may not be possible for the site to verify that all information provided by the service owner may be correct. The site takes no responsibility of the content provided by the Service Owner and the loss that a user may face due the inaccurate display of content on the site.

Incase a User or a service owner finds that the information displayed is inaccurate, he may bring the error to our notice immediately.

Incase a user has already booked and paid for the service, and finds that the transaction may bring him a loss due to the inaccuracy of content, the user may bring the fact to the knowledge of the site, so that a full refund for the cancelled service is provided to the user before the commencement of the service.

Incase the user finds after the service had been utilised, that the information of the service owner is incorrect, the site cannot entertain request for refund or compensation.

Service Quality and Manpower Conduct

As the site is not the owner of the Services which are bookable, it assumes no responsibility of the turnout of the Service, which may be the quality and cleanliness of the Hotel booked or the Rooms offered for booking as incase of the Hotels, the general ambience, quality of service, Menu or food incase of Restaurants. The age or quality of Transportation Vehicles or of the Facilities promised including but not limited to the Air conditioning, Seating, Upholstery, meals, entertainment etc that may have been promised by the Seat in Coach or Private Transport Operator.

The Site is not liable to compensate loss of baggage, cash, valuables, Injury, loss of life or limb due to robbery, accident, natural calamity or careless, reckless behaviour of management or employee of any Service Owner.

While we expect that the employees and service provider in direct interaction with the customers of the users are courteous, honest and well turned out and provide professional services, however we do not guarantee nor are liable for any altercation, physical assault, miscommunication, misconduct, criminal act or unprofessional behaviour resulting from the interaction between the customer and the service providers.

Delays / Cancelations / Missed Connections

Whereas the Site offers booking services for Flights / Trains and Buses with relation to the package booked, the Site is not liable to compensate or to absorb the cost of rebooking incase of delays / cancellations or missed connections.

Visa Facilitation

Whereas the Site offers Visa facilitation services to Users and provides guidance in terms of documentation, it does not provide any assurance nor assumes responsibility for the outcome of the Visa application process. In the event of rejection of Visa, no part of the Fee or service charges is refundable. The User agrees to not seek any clarifications with regards to the reason of rejection of the Visa from the Site and seek such information directly from the Embassy concerned. The user further undertakes to not hold the Site responsible and not to seek compensation for financial losses, for loss of reputation due to cancellation of travel plan or any other tangible, intangible or emotional loss deemed to be suffered by the client

Booking of services is always independent of the Visa process and cancellation charges are levied by service owners including Airlines, Hotels, Transportation, Sightseeing and any other service booked. The site will retain a service charge to cover expenses in booking of services.

Legal Recourse

Incase a dispute arises between the Site and the user or Service Owner, the site will earnestly try to find amicable solution to the dispute, however incase the same cannot be resolved, the aggrieved party may seek legal recourse in the country of its Domicile only in the City where the site has a physical office. Incase a serious dispute arises between the User and the Service Owner, with regards to the service provided wherein the Site has no responsibility to bear or share, The Site agrees to mediate the matter for an amicable settlement, however incase the aggrieved party decides to seek legal solution the Site will act as a witness and not as a defendant or petitioner. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi Courts.

Payment and Refund Methods

The Site offers various methods of payment including Bank deposit or online payment. The Site may charge Service Charges on a certain method of payment or may incentivise another method of payment.

Incase a booking is cancelled, regardless of the booking process, the refund amount, after deduction of cancellation charges, will be credited to the deposit account which can be used for subsequent bookings immediately. Incase an actual refund is requested by the customer, bank charges and processing charges as applicable will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. The method of refund will always be electronic fund transfer. The refund process may take a minimum of 15 working days excluding weekends and public holidays. Incase payment has been processed in favour of the service owner and the refund is to be received from the service owner and then to be further refunded to the client, the turnaround time may increase to 90 days or more. Furthermore the refunds are subject to business continuity and solvency of Service Owners like Airlines, Hotels, Transportation and Sightseeing operators including Theme Parks. All refunds can only be process against actual receipt of refund from the service owners to whome the payment has already been processed.

Changes to this policy

Travel2Agent has the discretion to update this policy at any time. When we do, we will post a notification on the main page of our Site, revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. We encourage Users to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed about our declaration of limitation of liability.

Your acceptance of these terms

By using this Site, you signify your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.

This document was last updated on November 30, 2018