Booking Procedure
1. After a quote is selected, a non refundable token deposit is to be paid in order to secure the booking
2. Once the booking is confirmed from clients end, we require Passport Copies and PAN Card details in order to start processing the Hotel Bookings as well as book Flights.
3.Incase quoted Hotels are not available, then similar category Hotels are offered in same, lower or higher price range which upon selection are then booked on firm basis.
4. Flight Fares are booked as per availability and with prior approval of the booking Party. We urge the clients to carefully check all dates, timings, spelling of names carefully as the shear number of transactions being processed by the ticketing team may lead to minor errors which only a client can verify. All rectification or changes are processed free of charge before tickets are issued. Once the tickets are issued, cancellation, and change fee is strictly applicable according to Airline Policy.
5. Payment terms of the Hotels, Airlines and other service providers will always override the standard payment policy mention anywhere in our proposal document.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy on Land Package
1. 10% non refundable advance deposit is required to be paid in order to secure bookings.
2. 20% cancellation will be applicable 45 or more days before travel start date
3. 25% cancellation will be applicable 44 to 15 days before travel start date
4. 50% cancellation will be applicable 14 to 7 days before travel start date
5. 100% cancellation will be applicable 6 to 0 days before travel start date
6. No Refund incase of No Show
7. Incase Non refundable Hotels are booked, above stated cancellation policy will not be applicable

Cancellation Policy on Flight Tickets
8. Cancellation, Date Change and No Show policy of Airlines will be applicable immediately upon tickets being issued and remains independent of the cancellation Policies of Land Package.
9. In most occassions, flight fares are Non refundable and non changeable. Such cancellation policies are not provided with every quote and can be made available only upon request.
10. Service Charge of INR 1000 per person per ticket will be applied towards processing changes to Airfare as per client request
Exchange Rate
Quotes are made based on the prevalent Exchange rate of currencies. Incase there is a drastic change in the curency exchange rates, the same will be applicable to residual amount payable towards the booking.
Booking Related
1. Services are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of the respective service owners

Passenger Related

1. The guest should ensure their passports are valid for well over 6 months from the date of the return journey.
2. The guest should ensure that they possess a valid Visa or document to travel to the country of visit

Hotel Related

1. Hotel policy with regards to Checkin and Checkout time is applicable. Any prior request for early Checkin or Late Checkout is subject to approval by the Hotel in accordance with their policy.
2. The hotel may ask, upon Checkin to be paid a security deposit by way of cash or credit card authorization. The amount may vary from Hotel to Hotel. The guest is expected to pay the deposit without which the Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation. The Security deposit is refundable at the time of Checkout subject to clearance of all bills
3. In case of accidental damage to Hotel property, the guests are liable to make good the loss incurred by the Hotel
4. The hotel may enforce a dress code in and around common areas, swimming pools, F&B outlets and entertainment areas. The policy may differ between different Hotels
5. Most Hotels provide a safety deposit box to resident guests. The Guests are advised to store extra cash and valuables in the safety box and properly secure them. The guests should also take care of their belongings and not leave their cash, valuables, and gadgets unsecured even inside their rooms. In the event of a theft, the guest should immediately bring the incident to the knowledge of Hotel management. The guest to be careful to remember to empty drawers and safety boxes at the time of Checkout
6. All Hotel taxes are included in the price quoted. However, in several countries, tourism-related taxes are collected from the guests upon Checkin. As per the local government directive, such taxes cannot be pre-collected or pre-paid and are hence not accounted for in the quoted price. Tourism taxes, wherever applicable are payable directly.
7. The information provided herein is only indicative and shared to enable a guest to have a safe and comfortable stay at the Hotels. For further information, the guests are encouraged to contact the Hotels directly
Sightseeing Related
1. All tours are operated subject to the monuments or the venues being open and accessible.
2. The pickup time mentioned is always indicative and the guest should seek a clarification of the exact pickup time at least a day in advance. The guests are expected to be ready 5 minutes before the designated pickup time at the designated pickup point. In case the guest is late to arrive and miss the pickup, they are expected to make their own transport arrangement to join the tour. In case of a No Show, the tour cannot be revalidated.
3. Certain sightseeings to religious places and palaces may have a compulsory dress code. The guests are expected to adhere to the same failing which they may not be allowed to continue on the tour. No refund or revalidation is allowed in such an event.
4. Entrance Fees is included as a composite package for privately owned Theme Parks, however national park fees, monument fees or entrance fees are not included in city tours or special interest tours wherein a visit is planned to a terrestrial national park or a marine national park. Such fee is payable directly by the guests on site and the cost thereof is not accounted for in the quoted price
5. The Tours maybe curtailed, canceled or postponed due to Government orders, curfews, natural calamities, weather conditions or any other reason beyond the control of the sightseeing operator. Under such circumstances, a tour which is canceled before the start is refundable whereas a tour which is curtailed after commencement is not refundable.
6. Travelers have to assess their own viability and risk capacity while booking a tour. No refunds or adjustments will be provided incase Travelers discover at the time of commencement of a tour that they cannot undertake the same due to physical inability, disability, pregnancy, medical condition, age or any other reason whatsoever.
Transport Related
1. All transfers regardless of being booked on Private or Seat in Coach are operated on point to point basis.
2. In case of Seat in Coach transportation, the guest should reach the designated pickup point atleast 10 minutes before pickup time. No refund or revalidation is allowed incase the guest miss the scheduled pickup.
3. In case of Private Transfers, the guest should be ready for Pickup atleat 10 minutes before pickup time. Incase the guest is late to arrive, the vehicle will be released for pickup after 10 minutes of waiting in order to maintain sequence of operation. New booking will be at additional cost and subject to availability.
4. In case of Private Airport Pickup, the vehicle will wait for a maximum duration of 45 minutes after flight arrival. The guests are advised to reach the designated pickup point at the Airport in the earliest possible time.
5. In case the guest miss a connection or reach late at the destination due to traffic jams, road blocks, VIP Routes or any other reason beyond the control of the Driver, no responsibility is assumed or compensation provided in such an event.
6. Luggage restriction is applicable for all modes of transportation. Only 1 Medium Bag and 1 hand bag is allowed per person. Incase a guest is carrying oversize or extra bags, they are liable to pay extra charges for the same. In case of private transfers, the guest should pre inform atleast 1 day in advance of the pickup time, so that suitable transportation facility can be arranged and extra charges as applicable can be discussed.
Flight Related
1. All flight bookings carried out by Travel2Agent are on the basis of the Airfare and Schedule declared by the Airline at the time of booking of flights. Travel2Agent processes booking being an agent of the Airline
2. The Airline is expressly responsible for Flight Operation, Flight Schedule, Equipment, Seating plan, Inflight services, Online Checkin procedure, Airport Checkin Procedure, Baggage Policy, Baggage Charges, Excess Baggage Charges, arrangement for Special Need Passengers or any other flight operation related decisions. Travel2Agent being an agent has no say, or influence on these decisions of the Airline. The Airline is not obligated to share any change in policies which may be effected from time to time to suite their business operation or continuity.
3. Incase of Schedule Change, the Airline may or may not be able to inform the Traveler or Travel2Agent of such changes. Travel2Agent will not be responsible for any cost, missed flight connections or dispute arising out of such schedule change on part of the Airline.
4. Incase flights are booked on the same Airline on a point to point basis (wherein the booking is made on the same Airline on separate PNRs), the Airline is not obligated to honor rescheduling of the subsequent flights due to change in schedule of any initial flight connections.
5. Incase flights are booked on separate Airlines, none of the Airlines are obligated to make any free changes to their flight schedules because of change of schedule of any other Airline. Travel2Agent can only assist in rebooking of the new flights and all charges applicable in such involutary schedule change will have to be borne by the travelers.
6. Incase of last minute flight cancellation or schedule change of any Airline, the Travelers are to coordinate with the Airline Checkin Counter directly for alternative flight options being provided if any. Travel2Agent will not be able to assist in such last minute changes, which are always handled by the Airport staff of the Airline.
7. Incase of bankruptcy or business failure of an Airline, Travel2Agent will be unable to provide any refund, compensation or alternate flight options without receiving the same from the affected Airline.
8. In order to cover any risk and cost arising out of missed flight connections or Airline Bankruptcy, Travel2Agent highly recommends travelers to secure their booking investments with a suitable Travel Insurance Policy, options of which are available with your Travel Consultant.