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Dubai is a splendid tourist destination in the middle east. It is known worldwide for its great skyscrapers, unique modernistic architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Tourists booking the Dubai Tour Packages love to visit for luxury shopping, entertainment, and adventure. From desert safaris, Burj Khalif, Dubai Frame, and Ferrari World to river Dhow cruises, this place offers a great tourism experience. Besides, it is the safest city to travel due to its strict law enforcement. You can find many multicuisine restaurants here, as the population is diversified. You can also try the authentic local cuisines of the city like Manousheh(local pizza of Dubai, stuffed with cheese and herbs), Al Harees (served with butter and cinnamon), Tabbouleh(Arabian salad), Falafel(deep fried chickpea beans)and many more! Dubai shopping festival, Dubai Desert Classic, and Dubai International Jazz Festival are the ones that attract most of the tourists to the city. Buy souvenirs like Datepalms, Arabic Attars, perfumes, and Camel Milk Chocolate for your home. Dubai has a lot to offer, make sure you give this city a visit!

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